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Head Trip (2012)
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Head Trip (2012)

Is your mind playing tricks on you? Aching for a release, you wish for something sensual to take you away. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, there he is: handsome, hard and ready. Is he real, or is this a Head Trip so vivid that it doesnt even matter? David Anthony and Jessy Ares hold the key as they and their friends surrender to their deepest desires.
After drifting to sleep, Jessy Ares dream is brought to life in the form of handsome Allen Silver, who straddles his bod and soon feeds the hungry stud. Flashing a hot smile as he gets serviced, the verbal Allen is impressed with Jessys skill. With Allens boner resting on his muscle chest, Jessy buries his face in the studs hairy stomach. Spit drips down Allens shaft, the bearded gent bending down for a kiss. Allen drops down, soaking up the vision in front of him, gripping Jessys cock before smoking it like a pro in a spirited sequence. "All the way down to the balls. Deep throat that cock!" demands Jessy, telling the sucker to work his nuts. "Smells good," replies Allen. "Tastes good down here!" Jessy gags him ("Yeah Daddy! Lets go! Choke on that dick!") before turning the silver fox around, sliding into his hole. Allen stays hard as he gets plowed, sitting down on Jessy as his boner bounces off the tops stomach. The two stare into each others eyes as they rub each others bods, squirting their loads to end the intense pairing.
On location, businessman Brad Kalvo surveys his empty room while on the phone with a colleague. In the background, a buff vision appears - the huge smooth chest of bearded Will Swagger, who moves mysteriously closer in an instant as if by magic. Will moves in for a kiss, rubbing Brads bulge as he presses him against a post. Will undresses the hairy stack of beef, burying his lips to the base of Brads bushy groin, the two squeezing Brads nips along the way. Brad returns the favor, dropping down and opening wide for Wills big and thick beauty. Will bends over, his ass getting munched as Brad strokes the studs boner underneath. The pleasure oozes off Wills face, his eyes and forehead frozen in ecstasy. Brad slides inside, fucking the breathless bottom - who continuously shows off his hot boner. On his back, Wills gorgeous bod is captured in a memorable aerial, Brad smiling at him before the two release.
In a dark room, tall David Anthony and tattooed Johnny Hazzard explore each others bodies, bathed in red and green light. The chiseled duo kiss, their cocks bursting out of their jeans. David sucks Johnny, the two kissing again before Johnny tongues Davids cupped sac and nurses his monster cock (caught in revealing side shots). After licking Davids chest, Johnny offers his hole for a warmup, David squeezing the precum out of his buds dick as slick strands gleam on screen. He feeds it back to the dark-haired bottom, who moans "Oh, God!" as David fucks him - Johnnys steel shaft frequently pulsing on its own as he gets slammed. The top picks up the pace, his balls banging against Johnnys ass. Low shots capture the deep penetration, Johnny turning over to get some more as his butt ripples. The two hold on to each other as the action intensifies, both climaxing before their heads graze against each other in the afterglow. Enjoy!..

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Daddies, Bears, Beards, Muscle Men, Uncut Cocks, Rimming, Tattoo
Starring: David Anthony, Jessy Ares, Allen Silver, Brad Kalvo, Johnny Hazzard, Will Swagger

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:40:27
Resolution: 848x480
Size: 1.61 GB

Head Trip (2012)


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