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The Mirror (1080p)
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The Mirror (1080p)

Scene 1

Young Kris Blent looks like the kind of boy whos already had more than his fair share of hot sexual encounters some of which have already been intimately chronicled by our Staxus cameras but somehow you get the feeling that this terrific set-piece with Noah Matous is one that hes gonna remember for a long, long time to come. So much so that the scene begins with a rather artistic foray into his mind by means of a mirror; before the action between these two hyper-sexed buddies gets under way against the backdrop of a sofa draped in a sheet of polythene. Its at this point that you may well wonder why the two beauties are undertaking their dalliance in a somewhat makeshift environment. Maybe the boys arrived early for the shoot and director, John Smith, was unprepared? Or maybe these lads knew just how hot and horny they were and didnt want to stain Smiths new upholstery with the copious volumes of bodily fluids that were to inevitably result? The real explanation, of course, is that Blent has yet to unpack after his move to Prague; but the background soon begins to melt into obscurity as these two horned-up youngsters take it in turns to feast on all the hard flesh that theyve got aching in their groins! Matous, in particular, cant get enough of Blents handsome butt-picker; and, unsurprisingly, is very quickly displaying his characteristic need to have that gorgeous ramrod stretching his ever-hungry ass-hole! A desire that Blent is only too willing and able to satisfy! Cue a stupendous arse-splitting romp that soon has Matous creaming mid-fuck, before Blent blasts his jizzy load of pent-up baby-batter all over his mates hole!

Scene 2

Its not particularly difficult to understand how Florian Mraz has quietly become a favourite with Staxus fans that winsome, toothy smile is more than enough to melt even the most hardened of hearts, but add his lithe body and hairless, upturned dick into the equation and you have a real winner! Nevertheless, we hazard a guess that most viewers are gonna have their loyalties torn somewhat here, when Mraz is teamed up with tattooed newbie, Mickey Rush a deliciously handsome young dude, who quickly wins over Mrazs affections, thats for sure, and who we reckon will soon be vying for your devotions big time. Of course, the secret with this scene is to simply enjoy both fellows simultaneously, rather than to try and pick a favourite a task made arguably much easier by the fact that director, John Smith, quickly positions them in 69-position, wherein they almost become one entity as they feast and gobble on each others cocks. Not that that particular set-up is going to satisfy a hardened porn pro like Mraz for too long, however; and suffice it to say that the lad has soon bundled Rush over onto his back so that he can first finger and rim his new buddys pucker, then thrust every inch of his aching dick inside. What follows is a terrific, hard-hitting pummelling of Rushs hole; but just when you might be thinking that Mraz has abandoned his cock-whoring ways and transformed into a die-hard top, the lads are flip-flopping roles and our trusted favourite is back to his old ways, riding Rushs shaft reverse-cowboy and blasting out a truly crazy wad of spunk in the process. That leaves him to lap up Rushs subsequent blast of jizz for a wrap!

Scene 3

Of course, any scene that begins with Jaro Stone, Johny Cherry and Kris Blent sitting together on a sofa pretty much has everything going for it right from the off and the good news is that every ounce of that initial anticipation quickly gets transformed into a whole hundredweight of cum-draining reality! One of the key ingredients of success in this deliciously hot threesome is the range of experience represented from Stones cock-whoring prowess on the one hand, right through to Cherrys invigorating freshness on the other. Add the almost uncontrollable passion that Blent seems to bring into any scene and you have the makings of an instant classic. To begin with, its Stones cock that maintains centre-stage, with his two buddies quite literally fighting over the meaty, uncut shaft; but its not long before the old-hands lust for dick seems to get too much and all three are taking it in turns to engage in some much-needed fellatio! By this point, of course, theres every good chance that youll be jerking away like a demented teen; but things get even hotter once Blent finally succumbs to his overriding desire for dick, taking Stones pole up his ass whilst Cherry plugs his mouth! No question about it, this is a spit-roasting par excellence; and events take on an even more ball-busting quality when the three boys undertake a chain-fuck, with Stone fucking Cherry, who in turn is banging Blent. That clearly pushes Cherry into overdrive, as he promptly proceeds to ride the blond lads Dutch truncheon whilst Stone wanks off above them both. The resultant spray of goo is then finally matched by Cherry and Blent for a spunk-sodden finale!

Scene 4

If only the rest of us had a magic mirror like the one Kris Blent has in his loft one where sexy young guys pop out and engage in the hottest, raunchiest action imaginable! As it is, we just have to make the most of horny escapades such as this one between Sven Laarson and recent newcomer, Johny Cherry two sexy, cock-hungry pals of the blond Dutch lad, who quite literally jump out of the looking glass into Blents very own wonderland! Fortunately for them both, theres a bed on hand to accommodate their rutting session; which begins with some rather sensuous (but arguably innocent) kissing, but which quickly transforms itself into something far more hardcore. At which point the stunning jockstraps that theyre both wearing promptly get removed and the two young beauties begin to take it in turns to feast on all the deliciously hard dick thats now been uncovered! Cue a terrific session of 69-ing that sees Laarson giving his horny mates tight little pucker a real good licking; before replacing his very eager tongue with his thick, uncut schlong! Its a move that certainly doesnt seem to meet with any objection from Cherry, thats for sure. Why, the horny fellow takes every inch of Laarsons dick in a whole series of positions like a full-time pro maintaining his usual cheery countenance throughout. Then again, with Laarsons handsome cock up his ass what else would you expect? Finally, he mounts his pal and rides him cowboy-style, promptly exploding as a result; before Laarson responds in kind by splattering the guys ass-hole with hot jizz!

Scene 5

Mickey Rush is feeling fuckin horny which is pretty much what youd expect given that hes in his very early twenties. So it should come as no surprise at all that he just cant leave sleeping beauty, Matthew Paris, alone. Tickling the new boys back, his hands are soon wandering down to the lads nicely exposed rump; but the exploration very quickly becomes much more intimate. As a result, Rushs fingers begin to brush against Pariss ass-hole; before he sidles up to his buddys body and pushes his already swollen dick towards the magic spot. Its at this point that Paris suddenly gains consciousness his senses awakened (unsurprisingly!) to the feel of a hard cock. At which point the action begins in earnest, with Rush finally feasting on Pariss now badly engorged shaft and Paris promptly returning the compliment moves that ultimately result in both boys eagerly 69-ing each other! As far as Rush is concerned, however, all this action is clearly just a precursor to getting his ramrod firmly imbedded in his mates tight little pucker an ambition that hes very soon fulfilling when Paris plonks himself down on his lap and rids the said shaft reverse-cowboy style. The sight of the young newbie bouncing up and down on Rushs pole really is something to behold; but Pariss violation then continues in a whole range of positions, culminating in Rush spewing the contents of his nads all over the boys now well-worn ring. As initiations go, its a truly fucking memorable one and Pariss pleasure is confirmed in the final moments when he lets out his own creamy wad, before the two fellows sign the action off with a sticky, satisfied smooch!

Format: mp4

Duration: 1:56:27

Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 5757kbps

Audio: 184kbps

The Mirror (1080p) The Mirror (1080p)
The Mirror (1080p) The Mirror (1080p)

The Mirror (1080p)
File size: 5.0 GB

The Mirror (1080p)

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