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Hard Medicine
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Hard Medicine

Studio: Hot House

Episode 1 : Coby Mitchell Derek Atlas
Sexy Dr. Derek Atlas has a hot patient, bald bad-ass Coby Mitchell, whos been having some challenges getting off. After checking his vitals, Dr. Derek takes advantage of the situation by suggesting that anal stimulation might be the answer to Cobys issues. Unsure of what the doctor has in mind, Coby questioningly gets on all fours on the examination table. Dr. Derek proceeds to dive into Cobys bubble butt for some serious rimming. Dr. Derek is a total ass man, and Cobys got plenty to get him stimulated. Dr. Derek rims him and sucks Cobys dick and then fingers his hole, getting to the root of the problem. With no further questions, Cobys got his legs up in the air, his cock rock hard, as Dr. Derek examines his hole with his finger and then smacks it with his hard cock. Dr. Derek knows what Coby really needs is his stiff prick up his ass and he quickly delivers it to Cobys willing and prepped hole, pounding Coby while hes fully spread wide open. Slamming deeper and deeper with Cobys leg in the air, Dr. Derek bends Coby over to give him rapid fire thrusts that stimulate Cobys asshole in a major way, and Cobys ass can take everything that Dr. Derek throws its way. Dr. Derek pulls out and jerks out a hot load. Then, Dr. Derek makes Coby cum without touching himself by jerking huge globs of jizz out of Coby while he fingers his fine hole.
Episode 2 : Dylan Knight Chris Bines
Handsome medical ASSistant Dylan Knight is dressed in his scrubs reviewing the patient load for the day when his co-worker, Chris Bines shows up early at the office. Chris brings their coffees and hints that theres an hour before any patients arrive. An expert cock sucker, Dylan gets Chris super hard and gets a woody in the process. He jerks on it while he deep throats Chris, and its not long before theyre both naked making out and stroking each others cocks. Dylans cock is equally sizable and tasty for Chris to savor, but what he really wants is a taste of that hot hole.
Chris gets Dylan up on the desk and his legs in the air so he can rim Dylan deeply and savor his eager asshole. This is an award winning ass and Chris wants every bit of it to eat and fuck, so once its prepped and ready Chris dives in with is meaty thick cock. And Dylan takes it like a pro. The desk provides the perfect angle for Chris to plow his butt deep and hard. As Dylan takes a pounding with his leg up on Chriss shoulder, Chris rams and jams, then bends Dylan over the desk and takes him from behind, punishing Dylans hot hole and stunning ass until Chris pulls out and leaves a load on Dylans lower back and Dylan jerks out a load onto Chris face and mouth, which Chris eats up.
Episode 3 : Gavin Waters Colton Grey
Colton Grey is waiting to see his doctor, and its clear hed like him to examine the hard dick under his shorts. Sexy blond Dr. Gavin Waters comes in to deal with Coltons groin pain, which the doctor can clearly see. As he begins his examination, Dr. Gavin can see that Coltons cock is swollen and tender, and Dr. Gavin spends a lot of time wrapping his hands around it. He lets Colton know that he thinks he has a solution to it being swollen all day, and he pulls his shorts down to take a closer look...and a taste. Dr. Gavin has Colton lay back on the examination table and goes down on Colton to help him take care of the issue. Coltons dick is sensitive and swelling even more, but he knows this is going cure what ails him -- the need to get off. Dr. Gavin then puts some digits in Coltons warm hole to see if that helps the situation, and its clear that Coltons eager ass needs some attention, so Dr. Gavin puts Colton on all fours and services Coltons butt deep and hard. Colton lays back on the table and Gavin sucks on his cock some more while he jerks off his uncut dick. To really cure his patient Dr. Gavin offers up his face as a target for Colton to blow his wad. Colton shoots on Dr. Gavins face, which sends the doctor over the edge spraying jizz on Coltons cock and balls.
Episode 4 : Armond Rizzo Sean Zevran
Hot Dr. Sean Zevrans frequent patient, Armond Rizzo is waiting for him in the examination room. When the doctor inquires about his medical challenge, Armond says that this time its his lower back, and that the last treatment he got really helped him a lot. Armond pulls down his shorts and mounts the examination table on all fours with his ass up in the air and legs spread, to show the doctor where it hurts. Dr. Sean injects lube in Armonds hole and offers up a deep digital insertion with his fingers in Armonds perfect hole. Dr. Sean really wants to help Armond so he turns up the intensity by inserting a stainless steel ball probe into his hole and giving Armond a serious face fucking with his rock hard, thick dick. The final part of the treatment is Armond wrapping his ass around the doctors big cock, and Armond gets poised to take it. To finish it all off, Dr. Zevran sits back on the examination table and Armond lowers his greedy butt onto Dr. Seans huge dick and rides it hard in reverse cowboy while he jerks his cock until streams of cum fall down, and Dr. Sean shoots out a heavy helping of cum too.

Format: mp4

Duration: 1:21:18

Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264)

Hard Medicine Hard Medicine
Hard Medicine Hard Medicine

Hard Medicine
File size: 2.6 GB

Hard Medicine

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