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Snow Balls
(30-03-2015, 15:38)                         Views: 342    
Snow Balls

Studio: Sport Ladz

We gave them a holiday in the snow, but this gang of the hottest, horniest twinks wouldnt so much as leave the chalet У and in fairness, who can fucking blame them? After all, if you were surrounded with the freshest, cutest flesh on the planet were sure youd do exactly the same! So, if youre looking for footage of snowball fights and building snowmen youre gonna be disappointed. If, on the other hand, youve a craving for fresh-faced beauties like Noah Matous and Erik Franke then youve cum to the right place! A whole world of cock-slurping, ass-banging, jizz-spurting action awaits
Scene 1
Young Noah Matous has been busy polishing his snowboard all morning У but his buddy, Erik Franke, clearly wants him to polish other (more intimate) things. As a result, Franke grabs hold of the lads hand and thrusts it into his pants У which, lets face it, is a brazenly open invitation in anyones language. Its at this point, of course, that Matous could quite easily respond by giving the rather presumptuous twink a punch in the mouth. Instead, the boy clearly realises that Frankes mouth could be put to much better use; and within a few minutes hes stripped right down and allowing his mate to orally pleasure him (like only a horny cock-lover can). No thought of taking that board anywhere now У the attention of both boys is now very firmly centred on each others crotches, as they begin to take turns to suck and slurp like new-borns before positioning themselves in 69-position. Just watching these two beauties in action as they feast on all that hard flesh is more than enough to get any fan of gay porn into quite a lather, thats for sure; but the intensity of this pairing only intensifies yet further when they each take it in turns to fuck the other. First Franke gets his fair share of Matouss butt-picker, riding it cowboy style like the pro he already is; then Matous lies on his side and allows his mate to pound him from behind, then again on his back. Its a display that could almost warrant an award; and thats before both lads have sealed the deal with energetic climaxes, most notably Franke over Matouss face! All in all, a first-class routine in every way!
Scene 2
In keeping with the wintry theme, young Frenchman, Gabrial Angel, is sporting a new blond look, but if anything that seems to encourage new boy, Will Hornet, all the more. In fact, Hornets down on his pals dick within what seems like just a few seconds of the two guys meeting У a move that Angel himself is then only too keen to emulate. But its clear from early on that its Angels pert little butt thats gonna be the star of this performance; and, having had chance to say hi to each other by exchanging blow-jobs, Hornets taking full advantage of the Gallic lads ripe, eager button and rimming Angel for all hes worth. The odd slap on the blond boys ass underlines the point, for Hornets the dominant party in this escapade У a point thats then emphasised when the fellow buries his hard, uncut dick deep inside the young lads guts. Angels initial reaction is arguable a little lazy У lying back with his eyes closed, taking everything that his new pal can throw at him. But if the youngster thinks that the newbie doesnt have a point to prove in his first scene with Staxus then hes in for a rude awakening! For Hornet soon has the guy riding that thick, meaty shaft of his cowboy-style, like a trained whore; before getting his whole body behind Angel and pounding the fellows tight ass with almost terrifying gusto! No small wonder that both buddies are soon creaming themselves off as a direct result У first Hornet into his mates mouth, then Angel over his own belly. A very fitting finale all round!
Scene 3
It might be cold outside, but Will Hornet clearly thinks that young Pyotr Tomek is smoking hot when he steps into the room to find the horny little twink sat on his sledge and looking a million dollars! Little wonder the fellow just cant wait to strip the pup of his clothes, picking him up like a doll in the process and instigating a five-star encounter that will almost certainly have you unzipping in no time. And no fucking wonder! These two beauties are clearly into each other as they take it in turns to slurp the life out of each others dicks. First Hornet gobbling Tomeks love-stick whilst the youngster is sat on his lap; then Tomek feasting eagerly on his hunky buddys ramrod У which will soon be pounding his tight little ass! Before that happens, however, Hornet takes time out to give his cute buddys crack a good tonguing; although the overriding temptation to deflower Tomek ultimately becomes too much, and understandably so! Who in their right mind wouldnt want to give this doe-eyed beauty the pounding of his life? But on this occasion its Hornet who gets that pleasure all to himself У first buggering the lad from beneath with a cowboy-style coupling, then taking the cutie from behind and slamming his ass right up to the balls! Fortunately for the dick-loving cherub theres a fur rug on the floor to cushion the impact; but its not long before all this high-octane action is bringing both buddies to a creamy climax. As a result, Hornet spews the contents of his nads over Tomeks nose, whilst Tomek himself produces a high voltage multi-spurt cascade over his belly!
Scene 4
Milan Sharp and Rokas Zilina have made arrangements to meet up with Jace Reed for a mornings skiing session, but either theyve forgotten or they just cant be arsed! Instead, they just want to enjoy a bit of time in bed together; and Reed would remain very much an afterthought were it not for the fact that the fellow turns up to find out where they are. At which point what would be a fantastic duo quickly transcends into a truly ball-busting threeway У much of the action centred (understandably) on Reeds unbelievably proportioned cock! Then again, what else would you expect? The boy is blessed with one of natures wonders, and Sharp and Zilina jostle for position in a bid to slobber and feast on the monster! All things considered its Sharp who gets the bigger share of the inches in his mouth У which is arguably a sign of things to come given that its his raw ass that serves as the focal-point for action once matters have turned decidedly anal! Initially the guy takes a ride on Zilinas ramrod, as if to get him the mood; but its painfully obvious that what Sharp really wants inside him is that humungous ass-stretcher of Reeds; and, having been banged on his back and then taken a momentary rest in the form of another bout of oral, hes soon riding the beast cowboy-style in a flagrant attempt to secure the most pleasure possible! Given the predicament, its no small wonder that hes soon creaming himself silly; whilst Zilina spurts all over his face as he does so. That leaves Reed chance to knock out his load as his pals work his spurting crown!

Format: mkv (Matroska)

Duration: 1:31:57

Video: 800x452, AVC (H.264)

Audio: 187kbps

Snow Balls Snow Balls
Snow Balls Snow Balls

Snow Balls
File size: 1.9 GB

Snow Balls

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