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Raw Response
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Raw Response

Studio: Staxus - Raw

We all like to think that the emergency services У the police, ambulance crews and fire-fighters У are only a phone-call away, ready to jump into action at a moments notice. What our fans like to think, however, is that these same sexy individuals are also primed to jump straight into bed whenever the opportunity arises. Horny, over-sexed guys like Sam Williams, Tim Law, Yuri Adamov and new-boy, Eric Franke, who understand that when it comes to dealing with hard cock and aching balls its always, always a cum-inducing emergency!
Scene 1
Tim Laws hiding something. Whats more, the police are onto his case У which explains why officers Oscar Hart and Sam Williams arrive looking for evidence. Not that they have to look very hard, it has to be said. Before you know it theyve unearthed a fabulous looking sex-toy and (in response) are performing a strip-search on the youngster. Not that Laws the kind of boy whos ever gonna be bothered by this kind of intrusive behaviour; and its not long before his days taken a whole turn for the better when Hart and Williams turn the full attention of that thick, black dildo onto his butt-hole. Unsurprisingly У given that this is Tim Law were talking about here У that sweet little pucker opens up like a flower in spring as a result. Indeed, the fact that his mouth is gagged and his ass is being crudely smacked seems to turn the fellow on more than ever. As a result, everyones favourite cock-slut is soon taking inch after fucking inch of rubber; before matters turn ever wilder by Williams fucking both his companions in turn. Its a move that flicks the temperature to the point of combustion, with Law taking the full brunt of the officers hard cocked fury! Indeed, you seriously wonder how this lad will ever sit down again given the pounding he receives at the hand (and dick) of the law! Believe us, hes banged to within an inch of his rights; and it almost comes as a relief to see the cute-faced beauty get his arse well and truly creamed by both studs in turn. If you can edge the length of this scene without pumping out your own load (or two) then well be feckin damned!
Scene 2
Theres no escaping the long, strong arm of the law У as young, baby-faced Eric Franke discovers when crack police-officers Sven Laar and Andy Fisher hunt the blond beauty down in the depths of some Czech basement. What crime hes committed is never actually revealed, but unless youre some highly-paid barrister its unlikely youre ever gonna care. What will concern you, however, is the fact that the sweet-looking twink is then taken back to a nearby apartment and subjected to a totally degrading (and fucking hot!) peral assault У the like of which way too many of us have probably fantasised about when faced with fellows in uniform. Hand-cuffed and gagged, with his legs parted and his ass-hole fully exposed, Franke finds himself no match to his assailants onslaught, which includes having a truncheon thrust into his rear; before both Laar and Fisher take it in turn to bang the living daylights out of that cute, highly-charged fuck-hole. Its a display that will almost certainly bring even the most world-weary porn-lover to the edge of a tight-fisted climax; but matters get even more intense when the three fellow engage in a daisy-chain fuck, before Laar and Fisher reach the point of no return and conclude their afternoons work by spewing (big time!) all over Frankes face. That only leaves Franke with the pleasure of rupturing his own balls courtesy of a last-minute jerk-off У a fitting multi-spurt eruption to accompany your own satisfying wad!
Scene 3
Its not every day that a police officer storms into your apartment demanding that he wants to use your window as an observation post У but thats exactly what happens to Yuri Adamov at the start of this terrific scene. Of course, the fact that its the ever-adorable Sam Williams whos the law-enr makes the encounter all the more electric; and needless to say that its just a matter of a few moments before Adamov is blatantly pulling out all the sexual stops to get the hunks attention. Indeed, Williams has very quickly abandoned his vantage point in order to give the horny little twink his full observation У which includes placing Adamov in hand-cuffs and then thrusting his thick, meaty, uncut shaft deep inside the young lads butt! No foreplay here, guys У Williams is in the mood to act now and ask questions later, which clearly ticks all the boxes as far as Adamov is concerned given the overtly pliant manner with which he takes every energetic thrust that the officer throws in his direction. In fact, theres no questioning that this is a performance that underlines the young lads notoriety as a power-bottom У the kind of horny, cock-crazed twink who quite literally lives for dick and who isnt truly happy unless his ass is being given a top-notch workout! It should come as no surprise to anyone, therefore, that Adamov soon produces the kind of volcanic, cum-spurting frenzy youd expect from a lad whos ass has just had the stretching of its life; before Williams concludes the show by squirting over his companions face. No doubt about it whatsoever, if this high-octane, gas-guzzling display doesnt cream you off then nothing will!
Scene 4
What Imelda Marcos was to shoes, so Nathan Dale is to underwear У or at least thats what it looks like at the start of this scene. Has anyone ever had such a tremendous collection of pants? Indeed, such is the young lads obsession with the said garment that he actually goes so far as to call the emergency services to come over and see the collection for themselves У which in ordinary terms would almost certainly be met with a police caution for time wasting! Putting realism to one side, however, on this particular occasion the officer who makes an appearance at Dales apartment is none other than Harry Vakker, who (it must be said) cuts quite a magnificent figure in police uniform. To that end, then, Dales response is most understandable; promptly making an advance on his visitor and quite literally licking Vakkers boots in order to impress У which is something he most definitely does, big style! Suffice it to say that its not many moments before the handsome stud in uniform is responding just the way that Dale very clearly wanted right from the start; and, having each engaged in a quick session of fellatio on each other, the two guys are soon eagerly feasting on each others dicks 69-style. The highlight of the action, however, surely comes when Vakker У who by this point has been eagerly rimmed by the horny young twink У ploughs his dick into Dales ass, signalling the start of a powerful, ball-bustin session of hardcore fornication. Its a show that simply shouldnt be missed, and it only concludes when both lads cream themselves into a very sticky but appreciative climax. As police investigations go, its a definite winner!

Format: mp4

Duration: 1:37:36

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

Audio: 187kbps

Raw Response Raw Response
Raw Response Raw Response

Raw Response
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Raw Response

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