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Backdoor (2011)
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Backdoor (2011)

Every night in cities across the world, there are dark alleys to be explored and back doors to be trespassed. Join Jonathan Agassi in BackDoor as he wanders through the nocturnal regions of a nameless city and discovers what sexual delights are to be experienced. He sneaks into a porn shop late at night, wandering the pornographic maze of private jerk-off booths, as each video becomes his personal fantasy and we watch sweaty and aggressive studs fuck hard. Make your fantasies come true as you slip into the BackDoor.
Jonathan first takes notice of Adam Killian and Scott Carter mauling each other in a public stairwell. Their kissing is intense and their hands claw at one another like wild animals. As their heat intensifies, they move into a private room. Scott ravages Adams amazing, muscled body and eats out his ass, which is easily one of the meatiest in the entire industry. With their clothes off, Scott and Adam exchange deep, choking blowjobs and continue working on one anothers tight manholes. Theyre so hot for each other that they eventually 69 so no one misses out on the action. As their sex intensifies, Adam prepares Scott to receive his fat cock. Once inside Scott, Adam pumps and rides the muscled bottom like a madman, and Scott (a total power-bottom) receives every last thrust that Adam has to offer. Their climax leaves Scott glistening in streams of Adams cum.
Jonathan's journey into the dark and sexy underbelly of the nameless city continues as he discovers a cabaret owned by the tall and broodingly handsome Adrian Long. Hes giving Brandon Long one chance to prove himself as a performer. Brandon begins with a slinky and gyrating dance, showing off his incredibly lean body, wearing only a jockstrap. His dance wins him more than a spot in Adrians club: Brandon lures Adrian to him, who covers his tight, sexy body with wet kisses. Soon the club turns into the pairs private room. Adrian loses all of his clothes and Brandon tears off his jockstrap. Brandon, a loyal bottom, takes care of Adrians needs; he bobs up and down on Adrians uncut dick and surrenders his ass to a wet and sloppy rimjob. Brandons audition culminates with Adrian taking his ass on the stage, fucking him deeply in a variety of positions, the hottest of which is when Brandon sits on top of and rides Adrian. To finish, Adrian busts his gooey seed into Brandons lapping mouth.
Jonathan next leads us to the gorgeous Cuban bombshell Rafael Carreras as he hangs out in an alley. Hes greeted with an intense kiss from Canadian hunk Ryan Russell, who quickly pulls Rafael into an empty studio. They pull off their clothes in between deep kisses and heavy breathing. Rafael, taking control from the start, urges Ryan to worship his muscled body with his eager mouth. Rafaels pants fall below his underwear, revealing his stiff rod bulging beneath his briefs. Ryan cant keep his hands off, teasing it with his puckered lips to come out and play. This leads to an aggressive blowjob as Rafael forces Ryans head up and down, causing him to swallow every massive inch. But this is only foreplay. Rafael, being the aggressive top he is, preps Ryans hole with two dildos. And as hes fucking him with these toys, he sporadically pulls them out and thrusts his own hot meat inside. But the intensity boils over when Rafael double-fucks Ryan with both his own dick and a big black dildo. Ryan - helpless on his back - can only throw his head back and moan until Rafael is finished having his way with him.
Jonathan's next seedy sighting is none other than the burly hunk Junior Stellano seducing muscled sex-god Alexy Tyler. Alexys body is a sculpted work of art, and in no time at all, Junior turns him around, pulls down his pants, and worships his perfectly rounded ass with his lips and tongue before rigorously eating out his ass. From rimming to blowing, Junior begins working on Alexys stiff and alert cock, preparing it to penetrate his rock-hard ass cheeks. When Alexy finally mounts Junior, its akin to two powerful beasts fucking in heat. Juniors furry torso against Alexys smooth, olive skin makes this scene especially orgasmic, and when the two bust their loads after Alexy finishes railing Junior, everyone is left out of breath.
Jonathan's journey through this sultry underworld of intense sex is too much for him to handle. He enters into a scenario of his own, and his partner is none other than Gabriel Lenfant, a gorgeous Canadian native with a bright face and an amazing body. From the beginning, Gabriel dominates Jonathans ass by shaving off all of its hair. Jonathan couldnt be more excited, moaning with approving gasps the entire time. After Gabriel is done, he feeds his dick to Jonathan, who gobbles it up with his signature passion for a hot cock. But what Gabriel really wants to do is test out Jonathans newly smooth hole, and with the Israeli sex fiend on his back and legs up in the air, Gabriel digs deep into his hole. Both Jonathan and Gabriel demonstrate their versatility as they reverse roles and Jonathan pumps Gabriel, who takes his tops cock with cries of pleasure until they both cum. And outside of the fantasy, Jonathan finishes himself off in the lost and looming shadows of the BackDoor. Enjoy!..

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Daddies, Dildos, Beards, Model, Muscle Men, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Cumshot, Swallowing, Fetish: Shaving (Body/Head), Uncut Cocks, Masturbation, Latino Men, Piercing, Rimming, Tattoo, Theme: Arcade/Bookstore/Porn Theatre, Theme: Bar/Nightclub, Theme: Cruising/One-Night-Stands/Tricking
Starring: Jonathan Agassi, Adam Killian, Adrian Long, Alexy Tyler, Brandon Jones, Bryan Russell, Gabriel Lenfant, Junior Stellano, Rafael Carreras, Scott Carter

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:41:39
Resolution: 854x480
Size: 2.05 GB

Backdoor (2011)


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